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Animal Slaughtering Unit 

Usage approved by SENASA: It achieves federal transit, incorporating the small producers to the value chain.

It benefits the growth of the regional economies: We work with several cities and we reach inaccessible places reducing the transportation costs for the small producers and reducing the animal stress thus improving the quality of the final product.

With one sixth of investment compared to meat processing plants, we obtain the same quality standards and we reach small producers which gain added value to their production.

It offers all the necessary animal slaughtering elements granting future scalability.

It's possible to work with several species at the same time. .

Pork - Rheas - Warthogs - Hares - Alligators - Llamas - Deer - Goats - Poultry
Pigeons - Lambs - Fish - Seafood

We are the first company to develop this technology in Latin America.


Animal Slaughtering Gallery

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