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Special Works and Machines Unit

Over 50 special machines for different areas are part of our long extended expertise in the automotive, agricultural, textile, diaper, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, sprays and food industries, and this allows us to develop high complexity medium-sized machinery.

The construction is carried out according to drawings, the client's indications or with our own design.

Sanitary machinery in stainless steel, heavy constructions with great rigidity, semi-automatic or completely automated constructions designed for every industry or to meet the client's requirements.

In the Special Works, innovation and development prevail, and they are an everyday part of FP Ingeniería S.R.L. together with the needs and challenges of the clients with information supplied by them or with our own investigation.

The capacity of the technical personnel and the dynamics achieved together with the SME structure and the assured quality that we offer allow us to develop special works tailored to the requests.

The combination of a machining installation with the tool welding shop, and of engineering with technical support allow us to provide a wide range of excellent solutions for the industry, including automation with electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic supplies, as appropriate.


Special Works and Machines gallery

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